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Help is on the Way for Commuters Tired of 281 Traffic

By September 30, 2009

When people tell you that traffic jam help is on the way, they usually mean in a few yars, when whatever construction project that is being built will finally be finished. But this is, thankfully, not the case with the new 281 Super Street Project.

The Alamo Regional Mobility Authority (RMA) has announced plans to build a new Super Street to help alleviate traffic jams on US281. What is a Super Street, you ask? It's a series of U-Turn lanes that will help drivers get on and off of 281 without disrupting the flow of traffic in the main lanes. This means less stop-and-go and standstills, more actual traveling.

You can view the full environmental impact statement online and read up about the entire project at the website 411on281.com. Just a quick warning - some of the links open up a .pdf file, and the environmental impact statement alone is 255mb, but well worth the read if you travel 281 often.


November 12, 2009 at 2:08 pm
(1) Louie Velasco says:

Attention Mayor and City Councilmen,

The solution to the 281 N congestion is here in Italy. It’s called a ROUNDABOUT. I urge you to visit Italy and see how the roundabouts virtually stops vehicle standstills. No one waits two to three minutes at a stop light. I went home last September in that neighborhood and I was tempted to decline my job offer back there because of congestion. I remember it to be not that bad when I left in January 2007. It was 5 miles of hell from where I live to 1604 and the back road to Evans was no help. Seriously, if you want me to videotape how a roundabout works, let me know.

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