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San Antonio New Year's Fireworks Update: Bans and Lawsuits

Tuesday December 30, 2008
Fireworks displays are supposed to be beautiful, but the battle over the ability to purchase fireworks for New Year's Eve celebrations in San Antonio is about to get ugly. Bexar County ... Read More

Christmas Celebrations, San Antonio Style?

Thursday December 25, 2008
If you are like me and my family, you celebrate Christmas on December 24 with a day of family, friends, remembrances and tamales. You then wait until midnight and open ... Read More

San Antonio Unemployment Rises Despite Addition of 2,500 Jobs

Monday December 22, 2008
The good news: San Antonio added 2,500 brand new jobs in November. The bad: unemployment still rose by 5.4%, up from 5.1% the previous month. When you compare the November ... Read More

Bexar County Foreclosures Rise Despite Drop in State

Saturday December 20, 2008
With the good news about the Seguin Caterpillar expansion, it was only a matter of time before some piece of economic news came about that wasn't so good. It seems ... Read More

Vertis Communications to Close San Antonio Location

Thursday December 18, 2008
Another day, another company that has to lay off workers. After good news about financial hiring and less foreclosures in November in Texas, some more bad news comes our way ... Read More

San Antonio Gas Prices Fall Another 12 Cents

Sunday December 14, 2008
There is more good financial news this weekend for San Antonio. Not only did foreclosures go down for November, but now the price of gas has made another significant drop. According ... Read More

Texas Home Foreclosures Dropped in November

Saturday December 13, 2008
Some good news on the economic front-- foreclosures in the Lone Star State for November dropped by 20% compared to October, and by 32% compared to November of 2007. This is ... Read More

No Fireworks for New Year's Eve in San Antonio

Friday December 12, 2008
As you may already know, fireworks are banned from being popped in San Antonio and Bexar County except for those with a permit or in designated "safe zones." Despite the ... Read More

Will Your Water Bill be Going Up?

Tuesday December 9, 2008
As employees fear for their jobs in an increasingly unsure and unsteady economy, you figure the last thing a municipally-owned company like San Antonio Water System (SAWS) would want to ... Read More

Missouri to Participate in Their First Alamo Bowl

Tuesday December 9, 2008
The day that all college football fans have been waiting for has come and past, and the 20th and 23rd-ranked teams will come to San Antonio to duke it out ... Read More

Julian Castro Throws His Hat in the Ring for Mayor

Sunday December 7, 2008
In what came as a surprise to nobody, former District 7 councilman Julian Castro formally announced his candidacy for mayor today at San Pedro Park. Introduced by former ... Read More

Despite WaMu Layoffs, San Antonio Financial Jobs Outlook is Sunny

Friday December 5, 2008
With the bleak news Wednesday about the local layoff of Washington Mutual employees, many were likely bracing for a lean Christmas and unemployment. But help for not only the laid ... Read More

WaMu to Layoff Employees, Won't Release Numbers

Wednesday December 3, 2008
When JP Morgan Chase bought all of Washington Mutual's assets earlier this year, it was expected that some jobs would be cut. Though most of those jobs were expected to ... Read More

Will 2008 Go Down as Second-Driest Year in San Antonio History?

Monday December 1, 2008
With December now upon us, the internet will be flooded with recaps of the big stories of 2008. While Presidential elections may take up a big part of those retrospectives, ... Read More

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