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The Latest About Swine Flu and San Antonio

Thursday April 30, 2009
First, here are some answers about what exactly swine flu is. Now being called H1N1, there is also a chart that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) ... Read More

Early Voting for Mayoral Election Has Begun

Tuesday April 28, 2009
Now that the city is out of the party mode of Fiesta San Antonio 2009, it's time to get back down to business -- the business of elections. As of April ... Read More

Parades and More as Fiesta Chugs to a Conclusion

Saturday April 25, 2009
Sadly, Fiesta San Antonio 2009 is about to come to an end. You know the end is near when the last of the parades begins. The King William Fair & ... Read More

What to Do on Friday

Friday April 24, 2009
With the annual Battle of the Flowers Parade set to start at 12:00 noon, there isn't much going on (other than the carnival of course ). But wait until after ... Read More

Things to Do on Thursday

Thursday April 23, 2009
There are lots of Fiesta-type events as the annual event reaches the full-week mark since the official kickoff last Thursday. Do you like desert-like plants? The San Antonio Cactus and Xerophyte ... Read More

NIOSA Information

Wednesday April 22, 2009
It doesn't matter how you pronounce it, knee-oh-suh vs. nigh-oh-suh, the annual Fiesta tradition is one of the most popular and fun events each year. And tonight is the big ... Read More

San Antonio Third Best Job Market in the Entire Country

Sunday April 19, 2009
Do you need further proof that San Antonio (and Texas in general) is weathering the financial storm better than most? Forbes Magazine, who seem to love Top 10 lists more ... Read More

It's Official: Fiesta San Antonio 2009 Has Begun!

Thursday April 16, 2009
Even with the carnival starting a day early to show off their shiny new wares, the official kickoff to Fiesta San Antonio 2009 is today, Thursday April 16th. If you were ... Read More

Fiesta 2009 Carnival Begins Tomorrow!

Tuesday April 14, 2009
Even though the official launch of Fiesta San Antonio 2009 doesn't begin until Thursday, the carnival will open tomorrow (Wednesday) for a sneak preview of what is sure to be ... Read More

Free Tax Help Still Available!

Monday April 13, 2009
If you are like millions of Americans across the country, you probably are waiting until the very last minute to send in your taxes. If you put off doing your taxes ... Read More

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Sunday April 12, 2009
I know not everyone celebrates Easter, but a whole lot of people in San Antonio do celebrate it, so to them I want to wish everyone a happy holiday. Please have ... Read More

Even More Stimulus News for the Alamo City

Thursday April 9, 2009
I have been blogging quite a bit lately about what the economic stimulus plan means for San Antonio. Most of it has to do with jobs or economic development, but ... Read More

Stimulus Package Continues to Benefit San Antonio

Wednesday April 8, 2009
There is a lot to be thankful for in San Antonio in regards to the recession. Unemployment is the lowest here out of all the major Texas cities and we ... Read More

Can't Afford the New Cigarette Tax? Free Help is Available to Quit

Sunday April 5, 2009
A group called The San Antonio Tobacco Prevention (that includes the S.A. Metropolitan Health District) is trying to help smokers in San Antonio overcome their addiciton. With the April 1st cigarette ... Read More

Your Time Warner Bill May Cost You A Lot More Soon

Thursday April 2, 2009
Bad news for customers of Time Warner's RoadRunner Internet service. According to Business Week magazine, Rochester, NY, Austin and San Antonio, Texas, and Greensboro, North Carolina will be the next ... Read More

The Lowest Unemployment in Texas is Right Here in San Antonio

Wednesday April 1, 2009
Amongst all the major Texas cities, good ole San Antonio ranks the lowest in something that we can be proud of -- unemployment. According to Workforce Solutions Alamo, 7,700 jobs were ... Read More

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