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Be the Next Fiesta San Antonio Poster Artist

Sunday May 31, 2009
Do you have an idea for artwork that would look great as the official poster of Fiesta Week? Are you over 18 and live within a 60-mile radius of San ... Read More

San Antonio Approves New CPS Conservation Plan

Thursday May 28, 2009
City Public Service (CPS) is not kidding when they talk about conservation. In a previous blog, I told you about how CPS expects for customers to be receiving lower bills ... Read More

Attention Aspiring San Antonio Filmmakers!

Tuesday May 26, 2009
The San Antonio film industry is growing, along with interest from future filmmakers. Even with this interest, though there is still not a ton of publicity regarding feature films made ... Read More

April Unemployment Falls in San Antonio

Sunday May 24, 2009
With news this week about the closing of several local dealerships due to ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, all things economic locally may have looked a tad bleak. But as stated before on ... Read More

San Antonio Bus Accident Could Lead to National Texting Ban

Thursday May 21, 2009
By now, most if not all of you have probably seen the footage of VIA bus driver Adrian Perez texting on his cell phone. He took his eyes off ... Read More

Cheaper Summer Energy Bills in San Antonio?!

Wednesday May 20, 2009
Yes, you read that right. CPS is predicting that this summer's energy bills will be cheaper than last summer. In fact, they predict that the average customer's bill may drop ... Read More

San Antonio Will Soon Enjoy Another Tax Holiday

Monday May 18, 2009
We here in San Antonio are used to the tax holidays for school items, but now you can enjoy another type of tax holiday--on energy-efficient products. In case you didn't know, ... Read More

Things to do in San Antonio This Weekend

Thursday May 14, 2009
So many things, only two days! Check out my May Calendar of Events for lots of things going on, and choose between them and these last-minute events: Friday night is ... Read More

Several San Antonio Area Chrysler Dealers to Close

Thursday May 14, 2009
Because of Chrysler's ongoing financial issues, several dealerships across the country will be closing. One of the dealerships is in San Antonio, while several more are in the local area: Fiesta ... Read More

San Antonio Election 2009: Meet the Winners

Monday May 11, 2009
San Antonians had their say Saturday at the polls -- or at least some of them. In an election that saw just 12% of registered voters turn out, a new ... Read More

Happy Mother's Day, San Antonio!

Sunday May 10, 2009
Just a quick shout out to all the moms out there to wish them a Happy Mother's Day. I hope all of you are happy and get lots of hugs, ... Read More

San Antonio Election Day

Saturday May 9, 2009
Well, today is the big day. If you missed early voting then today is your last time to get your voice heard. To find your polling station, you can enter ... Read More

Belated Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

Thursday May 7, 2009
Better late than never! Cinco de Mayo has come and gone, but that doesn't mean the celebration is over. This weekend gives ample opportunity to celebrate the Mexican victory at ... Read More

First Texas Resident Dies of Swine Flu

Tuesday May 5, 2009
This is breaking news so not much is known, but a Cameron County woman has died of the swine flu. All that is known is that she had other health ... Read More

Cinco de Mayo, San Antonio Style

Monday May 4, 2009
There are several events going on in San Antonio for Cinco de Mayo. In case you don't know the history of the day, you can read up about it. ... Read More

San Antonio Swine Flu Hotline

Friday May 1, 2009
In case you didn't hear, the city has set up a hotline for the latest news about swine flu. That number is 210.207.5779. The mayor held a press conference to announce ... Read More

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