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Thriller at the Alamo

Monday June 29, 2009
In honor of the passing of Michael Jackson, there will be a reenactment of the "Thriller" video at the Alamo today. It starts at 6:00 p.m. so hurry and get down ... Read More

San Antonio Film Festival Begins

Thursday June 25, 2009
Did you know that San Antonio has their very own film festival? With the media spotlight always on film festivals like Sundance or Cannes, it's easy to forget that many ... Read More

School Supplies to be a Part of the August Tax Holiday

Wednesday June 24, 2009
Good news for students and parents of students! For the first time in a decade, school supplies will be a part of the upcoming August Tax Holiday! The holiday runs this ... Read More

Bowen, Oberto and Thomas Traded to Milwaukee for Richard Jefferson

Tuesday June 23, 2009
According to several reports (but yet unconfirmed by the Spurs), the San Antonio Spurs today have traded Bruce Bowen, Fabricio Oberto and Kurt Thomas to the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange ... Read More

Vote for San Antonio

Monday June 22, 2009
Through July 31st, you can vote for San Antonio in Travel and Leisure magazine's "America's Favorite City" contest. There are 30 cities total that you can vote on in what ... Read More

Happy Father's Day!

Sunday June 21, 2009
For some reason, Father's Day doesn't seem to get nearly as much attention as Mother's Day does. So if you are one of those who barely realized yesterday that today ... Read More

What to Do This Weekend in San Antonio

Thursday June 18, 2009
There are a TON of interesting things to do this weekend in San Antonio, so without hesitation, here is the rundown: The Phantom of the Alamo touts itself as "A hilarious ... Read More

San Antonio Best Performing City in US During Recession

Wednesday June 17, 2009
For months I have been touting how well San Antonio has held up overall in this ugly recession. I have sworn that the city is holding up better than most. ... Read More

What SAWS Stage 2 Water Restrictions Mean to You

Monday June 15, 2009
There are year-round, Stage 1 and Stage 2 water restrictions as prescribed by the San Antonio Water System (SAWS). So what does Stage 2 mean? This means that the ... Read More

Get Your Valero Alamo Bowl Ticket Packages NOW

Sunday June 14, 2009
The Valero Alamo Bowl is still months away - Jan. 2, 2010, to be exact. So it's not even this year! But that hasn't stopped the fine people at the ... Read More

What to Do This Weekend in San Antonio

Thursday June 11, 2009
The weather is awfully hot, and there is a threat of possible rain this weekend, but come rain or excessive sunshine, the Folklife Festival is going to take place. This ... Read More

Locals and Visitors Alike Can Save Money in San Antonio

Tuesday June 9, 2009
The The San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau recently launched a new San Antonio Vacation Experience (S.A.V.E.) blog, and I thought you would like to know about it. In ... Read More

Donut Development

Sunday June 7, 2009
We ain't talking Krispy Kreme! The Donut, a parcel of land in the Far West side of San Antonio that was so named by developer Chip Field, is soon to ... Read More

San Antonio Road Closures on Twitter

Thursday June 4, 2009
Getting stuck in traffic due to an accident is one thing -- they happen so suddenly that you often can't change course fast enough to avoid them. But what about ... Read More

Zombies Will Walk in San Antonio!

Tuesday June 2, 2009
OK, don't get all freaked out! There is no such thing as zombies (is there?) but there will be a Zombie Walk tonight in San Antonio, so technically the title ... Read More

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