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Institute of Texan Cultures Affiliation with the Smithsonian Institute Finalized

Thursday January 28, 2010
As of 10:00 a.m. this morning, it was official--UTSA's Institute of Texan Cultures became an official affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute (this link opens in .pdf format). So what does this ... Read More

The Best Dance Hall in Texas is Closer Than You Might Think

Tuesday January 26, 2010
Many locals have been to nearby Gruene. And why not? It's a nice scenic drive and the town has a whole lot to offer than San Antonio doesn't. Small town ... Read More

HUD Grant to Help San Antonio Homeless

Monday January 25, 2010
The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently announced a huge grant that is going to go directly towards helping those who are homeless in the Alamo City. The one-year ... Read More

Celebrate Yoga Day USA with a Free Lesson on Saturday

Thursday January 21, 2010
Yoga is one of those things that everyone has heard about, but few have yet to try. If that is you and you are still curious, this Saturday (January 21st) ... Read More

Free H1N1 Vaccines Through Metro Health

Wednesday January 20, 2010
There is a lot of controversy and arguments on both sides of the spectrum regarding the H1N1 vaccine. Since I am not a medical professional and this is not a ... Read More

Garbage and Recycling Collection Schedule for MLK Day

Sunday January 17, 2010
This isn't exactly a glamorous subject, but it is still important information -- will there be garbage and recycling collection on Monday, January 18th, which happens to be MLK Jr. ... Read More

Is HEB Recession-Proof?

Saturday January 16, 2010
It's a pretty safe bet that the vast majority of businesses suffered ever since the economy tanked over a year ago. Some suffered much more than others. In fact, one ... Read More

See Your Design on a McNay Art Musem T-Shirt

Monday January 11, 2010
Do you love the McNay Museum? Or perhaps just art in general? If so, this next contest may be just what you are looking for. The McNay Museum is holding a ... Read More

Sea World San Antonio Welcomes Baby Killer Whale

Sunday January 10, 2010
It doesn't happen very often, so I thought it was worth mentioning. A baby killer whale has been born at Sea World of San Antonio. Last Thursday, Takara become the ... Read More

St. Mary's Offers Free Business Resources

Thursday January 7, 2010
Let's face it ... in this economy, lots of businesses needs some extra help. Some will need more than others, but if you have either a small business or run ... Read More

Update on CPS Nuclear Energy Costs

Tuesday January 5, 2010
And the update regarding the CPS Nuclear Energy costs is that there is actually no update! Even though the Toshiba Corporation has handed over new cost estimates to City Public Service, ... Read More

Last Days to See Christmas Lights!

Sunday January 3, 2010
In case you are a master procrastinator or just haven't had the chance, you can still see many of the big holiday light displays in several San Antonio neighborhoods. Some ... Read More

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