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Hawaiian Food in San Antonio-Aloha Grill

An Authentic Taste of Hawaii in San Antonio

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Nestled in a small, non-descript strip mall on Harry Wurzbach Road, Aloha Grill is a culinary delight. The small, quaint restaurant has authentic Hawaiian and Polynesian food along with a few Korean dishes. It is extremely affordable and comes with some of the best service in town.


  • Delicious, authentic Hawaiian Food
  • Excellent service, chef visited the table
  • Quiet, intimate atmosphere


  • Only open until 8:00 p.m., even on weekends
  • Parking can be a problem on occasion


Address: 1151 Harry Wurzbach Rd
Phone: (210) 826-7426
Recommended Dishes: Chips and mango papaya salsa, Lau Lau, crab cakes, cane sugar-sweetened iced tea

The Review

Aloha Grill has great food and service at affordable prices. My guest and I had three appetizers, an entree each and a shared dessert for under $50. The only thing we didn't care for was the poi, but this isn't because it wasn't made well, it's because poi itself is an acquired taste that just isn't for everyone.

The other two appetizers were so amazing we wanted seconds--the chips are home-fried to order with potatoes that come straight from Hawaii. The volcanic ash in the soil makes for interesting purple and red colors in the chips. The paired mango salsa was the best sweet/spicy salsa I've ever had. It was just the right balance of sweet and hot, with neither overpowering the other. The crab cakes were made from fresh crab meat and had none of the usual cracker and soy fillers of other cakes. The sauce they came with was fresh and matched perfectly.

The entrees were very good as well. The Lau Lau is made authentically with tea leaves. It is fish, pork and beef all tender and juicy, wrapped in ti leaves and steamed in large banana leaves. It was fresh and a tad salty, but delicious. The loco moco is steamed sticky rice with a sirloin patty, two eggs cooked how you want and gravy. Sounds weird but was a great, satisfying combo.

The pineapple and macadamia cake was dense yet moist, a hard combo to nail. The cream cheese frosting was delicious. A hidden jewel is the cane sugar-sweetened iced tea. We must have drank a gallon with all the refills.

The lunch menu is different and we can't wait to go back and try that.

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