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Chris Madrid's Restaurant Review

Hamburgers in San Antonio

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The Bottom Line:

Chris Madrid's is a famous hamburger restaurant in San Antonio that repeatedly shows up on Best of San Antonio and Best Hamburger lists. It is a great place to grab a meal with friends or take the kids, who will also love the juicy burgers fixed how you like them.


  • Delicious and affordable hamburgers
  • Great family or friend atmosphere
  • Lots of creative choices means you never get bored


  • Very crowded during peak times
  • Traffic due to construction is a pain


Location: 1900 Blanco Rd.
Phone: (210) 735-3552
Recommended Dishes: Tostada Burger, the Flaming Jalapeno Burger or Porky's Delight, macho-sized burgers
Website: http://www.chrismadrids.com/main.php?language=english

The Review

Arguably the best burger in San Antonio (and yes, there is a LOT of arguing amongst burger aficionados), Chris Madrid's provides a quality burger that can be ordered in regular size or the upgraded 'macho' size that will make even the biggest appetite wonder if they can finish it.

The most famous of the burgers is the Tostada burger. It is a burger topped with beans and tostada chips. For the uninitiated, this may seem like an unappetizing combo. But it really is delicious, you have to really try it to understand. It is the most popular burger for a reason.

The restaurant was opened in 1979 by -- you guessed it- Chris Madrid. The original name was "Chris Madrid's Tacos and Burgers" but the tacos were not the hit that the burgers were. Soon, the tacos were dropped and now the famous burgers stand on the menu beside fresh-cut fries and a healthier grilled chicken burger option.

Alcohol including margaritas and longneck bottles of beer are also served at Chris Madrid's, though it is not a bar and grill. It is simply a good burger place where you can also happen to get a beer. It is a good place to start out before you go to a bar or club, have a good old fashioned burger then a night out on the town.

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