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Review of Jacala Mexican Restaurant in San Antonio, TX

Good Atmosphere and Food at a Reasonable Price

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Jacala Mexican Restaurant has been around for over 60 years, since 1949. It has always been at the same location on West Avenue, providing a base for the traditions of good service, a full bar and great food that still stands today. It's a great place for a mixed crowd to go, too because they have a full children's menu that includes non-Mexican fare, diet and low-cal options and even low or no-carb options for those trying to watch their weight.


  • Consistently rates in Top Mexican Restaurant polling across the city
  • Full service bar
  • Great food including mole sampling before ordering


  • Parking hard to come by during peak hours
  • Weekends can present a bit of a wait for a table


Address: 606 West Ave
Phone: (210) 732-5222
Recommended Dishes: Chicken Mole, Queso Flameado, Chile Relleno, Santa Fe Dinner, margaritas


No matter what Mexican dish you have a craving for, you will most likely find it at Jacala. If you don't have a particular taste for one certain dish though, you may have a hard time choosing as Jacala boasts one of the biggest menus I have seen at a Mexican restaurant. This is definitely not your neighborhood taco stand, as the menu includes both Tex-Mex delights as well as some authentic dishes that take all day to slowly make like the delicious chicken mole. In fact, Jacala is so proud of their family mole recipe that they will allow you to try a small sample of the sauce to make sure it's exactly what you want. In a city where mole bragging rights reign supreme, this seemingly small detail can not be overlooked.

Even if authentic Mexican isn't your thing, Jacala may still have something for you. There are dishes for dieters that include low-carb and no-carb options. If you have any other special dietary needs, the staff will do the best they can to accommodate you. There is also a good children's menu that has a few non-Mexican items on it that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

Everything at Jacala is homemade from the tortillas, tortilla soup, to the delicious guacamole that ranks amongst the best in the city. The carne guisada is delicious and doesn't have the big deposits of fatty meat the you find on some guisada dishes. Everything is very flavorful although occasionally too much salt is used on the lettuce and tomato that tops many of the dishes.

The bar is full service and features some of the strongest--and tastiest--margaritas around.

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