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La Normandie French Restaurant Review

French Restaurants in San Antonio

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The Bottom Line:

There are several French restaurants in San Antonio, but La Normandie is amongst the best, for several reasons. First, it is housed in a building that is ... well, a house! The intimate house setting (complete with roaring fireplace), small amount of tables and authentic French cuisine make for a delicious meal for couples and singles alike. The restaurant would have gotten a full five stars, but they don't accept credit or debit cards, which is a minor inconvenience but one that most diners are not accustomed to in this day and age.


  • Authentic French cuisine at an affordable price
  • Intimate setting
  • Choice of four course meal or a la carte


  • Drive to Castroville can be hectic at certain hours
  • No debit or credit cards accepted


Location: 1302 Fiorella St, Castroville
Phone: (830) 538-3070
Recommended Dishes: escargot (appetizer), veal meatballs in caper sauce (appetizer), veal medallions, pork chops with pickles, French wedding cake

The Review

With upscale French restaurants like Le Reve and convenient chain locations like Pappadeaux's available in San Antonio, it is easy for a small, family-owned restaurant like La Normandie to get overlooked. If you are one of thousands who have never heard of it, perhaps you should take a look now.

The building used to be a house and is located in Castroville near the VA building. The area is very quiet and during the holidays evokes almost a Rockwellian feeling. It is easy to find the restaurant, but be careful with your high heels or fancy shoes because the parking lot is unpaved and mostly gravel and dirt.

Once inside, the chalk board will tell you what the four-course meal of the day is. You can choose between this or the menu, which features many a la carte items. The four-course meal consists of an appetizer, a salad with choice of dressing, the main course and a dessert. This generally costs $25-30, not including tax or tip. There is also a champagne brunch buffet on Sundays that generally costs around $15.

Because the restaurant is family-owned, they don't always adhere to regular restaurant customs. For instance, dishes ordered 'well-done' will earn you a wrinkled nose, with no guarantee of satisfaction like other dishes. They don't accept credit/debit cards, so be sure to bring cash. On French holidays, there is generally live musical entertainment and don't be surprised to find the cook and staff dancing to a jolly French tune.

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