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Mexican Manhattan Restaurant Review

Mexican Food in San Antonio

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The Bottom Line:

Mexican Manhattan is a small but very popular downtown restaurant that expanded to help alleviate the crowds, including a patio overlooking part of the River Walk. The dishes are very large and though some are more costly than you might get at other eateries, the dishes they are known for are well worth the price.


  • Has both authentic and Tex-Mex dishes
  • Choice tequilas used for margaritas
  • Food always served fast


  • Lunch lines can be very long
  • Parking can be difficult and pricey downtown


Address: 110 Soledad Street
Phone: (210) 223-3913
Recommended Dishes: The Manhattan Salad, Cabrito (goat kid) Dinner, Chili con Queso, Cheese Nachos with Jalapenos, Guacamole Platter (appetizer), Chili Bowl
Menu: http://mexicanmanhattan.com/menu.htm

The Review

The very unassuming restaurant entrance betrays the goodness inside. It may not look like much from the outside, but Mexican Manhattan is amongst the top restaurants you will find downtown or on the River Walk.

Since 1958, Mexican Manhattan has been serving large plates (you will likely need a doggy bag) of food and top shelf margaritas. Believe it or not, not a ton has changed since then. The food is still hot and fast, the staff is friendly and the dishes that have made them famous are still on the menu. The one thing that has changed is the patio expansion to give outdoor diners a River Walk view option.

Everything on the menu is good, though some of it is overpriced. For instance, a very small side of guacamole will set you back over two dollars, which seems a tad excessive. But other dishes like their cheese nachos (smothered in real cheese) are delicious and worth every penny.

There are tex-mex specials like the chalupas or enchilada platters, but also a lot of delicious authentic like chicken mole or cabrito, which many Mexican restaurants either don't serve or don't cook very well. That isn't the case here.

If you can find a good parking spot (or happen to work or already be downtown) then you will enjoy this restaurant. Just be prepared to wait if you are trying to get in for the lunch rush. This is definitely not a restaurant to attend if you only have a 30 or 45 minute lunch. In fact, an hour might be pushing it unless you work really close by. Dinner lines usually move very quickly, though so this may be a better time to go if you have a timed lunch hour.

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