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The Bottom Line

For the absolute best in upscale dining in San Antonio, look no further than Le Reve. Located downtown, the restaurant is near the River Walk and has a small number of tables to keep the dining experience intimate. You can eat indoors or out during the day with natural light or at night with candles and oil lamps only at night.


  • Fine upscale dining
  • Delicious French Cuisine
  • Excellent setting for dining


  • Expensive
  • Reservations can be hard to get on some days


  • Address: 152 E Pecan St, San Antonio, TX 78205
    Phone: (210) 212-2221
  • Cost: Expensive, from $40 and up for a main course
    Cuisine: French and seafood with some American fusion dishes
  • Chef Andrew Weissman tries to incorporate as many local ingredients as possible like hill country honey and local venison.
  • Dress code is in effect including jackets for the men.

Guide Review - Restaurant

If you can only eat out once and want to splurge, there is no question that Le Reve should be on your shortlist of places to go. Meaning "the dream" in French, dining at Le Reve is truly a dream and an experience you won't soon forget.

Once you make a reservation at Le Reve for one of less than 40 coveted seats in their intimate dining room, you must now decide what to wear. Though there is not a formal dress code, your casual day-out outfit just won't do. Men must wear jackets to dinner.

Though this restaurant is highly touted by food critics and locals alike, there is no other pretense other than the required coats. It is not decorated in the latest fad style and there are no fancy adornments. The food is the only thing ornate at Le Reve.

To drink, there is an extensive list of fine wines that range from mid-price to wallet busters that are worth every penny if you can spare it. You are given two types of rolls and can order one of the appetizers that range from oysters to onion tarts.

The entree menu changes with the seasons as Chef Weismann tries to keep as many things seasonal and local. Of course, there are a few limitations but you wouldn't notice it with the expert searing, basting and flavor combining of the dishes.

Dessert can range from lemon tarts to ice cream depending again on the season and ingredient availability. There is also a cheese course available with a smattering of items from around the world. You have to really love a strong-tasting fromage to truly appreciate some of the complex cheeses on the menu.

Dining at Le Reve will set you back at least $100 for two - and that is just for the main course! If you want appetizers, desert or anything to drink other than water, you can easily pay double this amount, but this is arguably the best restaurant in the city, so it is worth it to splurge if you can.

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