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Top 10 Burgers in San Antonio

Top 10 San Antonio Hamburgers


From fast food places to traditional sit-down restaurants, there are a ton of places to get a good juicy burger in San Antonio. Here are the top 10, see if you agree.

1. Chris Madrid's

Hamburger, close-up, waitress in background (wide angle)
Zigy Kaluzny

1900 Blanco Rd.
(210) 735-3552

A San Antonio establishment, Chris Madrid's is a comfy restaurant with a full bar on one side and a patio. Try the Tostada Burger, a juicy hamburger with onions, refried beans and a large chunk of melted cheese. It really is better than it sounds. If that's not your thing, try the Flaming Jalapeno Burger or Porky's Delight.

2. Bobby J's

13247 Bandera Rd, in Helotes
(210) 695-4941

In nearby Helotes is a great burger joint that prides itself on being just that. Try the famous Jalapeno Cheddar burger and a homemade milkshake, sometimes served by Bobby J himself.



3. Longhorn Café

17625 Blanco Rd Ste 1, plus three other area locations (210) 492-0301 The Longhorn Cafe serves lots of different types of food, they don't just specialize in burgers. Which is why the fact that theirs are amongst the best in the city is fairly amazing. But go with an appetite-- the burgers are really big. Try the Big Juicy if you don't believe me. You'll need a to-go box.

4. Burger Boy

2323 N. St. Mary's St. (210) 735-1955 Some of the best food in town comes from small, blink-and-you-missed-it eateries. Burger Boy would be one of those. Everything is cooked to order and you can double your burger for just a buck! Try the Bates Special--it's not Psycho like the movie. The bread is toasted, buttery and some of the best in town for those who think the bun is overlooked in the judging of burgers (a sentiment I happen to share).

5. Chester's Hamburgers

1006 NE Loop 410 or 9980 West IH 10 (210) 805-8600, (210) 699-1222 Chester's has hot burgers and lots of cold beer, including dozens of imports. Try the onion rings to go with your cheeseburger, they are delicious and not at all greasy. The green chili sauce is fantastic if you want to add spice to your burger. The atmosphere is laid back and the decor resembles a Hooters, though there are no servers, as everything is self service at Chester's.

6. Fatty's Burgers and More

1624 E Commerce St 78205 (210) 299-8110 Probably the best mushroom burger in San Antonio, Fatty's also offers a 1 or 2lb Lineman Burger or a Batter Up Bacon Burger which is a bacon lover's true delight. They also have good chicken wings for those who aren't in the mood for a burger.

7. Sam's Burger Join

330 E Grayson St. (210) 223-2830 This hybrid restaurant is also a bar and a live music venue. But you can eat your burger in a separate room if the band is not to your liking. Get a small burger or go for the 1/2 lb burger for bigger appetites. Cheese lovers will delight at their gloppy, gooey cheeseburgers.

8. The Lord's Kitchen

118 Seguin St. (210) 354-3888 Try either the Lord's Burger or the Hurt You Burger--believe us, at 1lb and 2lbs respectively, they are both going to hurt if you dare try to eat the whole thing. If you do finish the Hurt You Burger, you get on the Wall of Fame.

9. TJ's Hamburgers

477 New Laredo Hwy, 78211 (210) 927-7331 This tiny hole-in-the-wall joint is a Southside establishment. The burgers are juicy and hot, try the onion rings instead of the mediocre fries with them. And it is all really cheap. You can eat for around the same price as Burger King, but way better. These burgers actually taste good.

10. Chunky's Burgers & More

4602 Callaghan Rd, 78228 (210) 433-9960 If you like cold beer, country music, and burgers (or any combination of the three) then try Chunky's Burgers. On Callaghan near 410, it is wooded and seems like it's in the suburbs, but it's really smack dab in the middle of the city. If you can't decide between the rings and fries, order the 'frings' which is half of each.

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