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A Walking Tour of La Villita


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Dining Options at La Villita
A Walking Tour of La Villita
Even the four restaurants inside La Villita have historical ties. The Little Rhein Steak House (pictured), was originally a home and store built back in 1856. At the time, this was predominantly a German neighborhood. It became a restaurant in 1967.

La Villita Eateries:

Fig Tree Restaurant
418 Villita,#2600
San Antonio, TX 78205
Originally the Gray/Guilbeau house, its purchase dates back to the mid 1800s. It was turned into a restaurant in 1970 and currently serves steak, seafood, lamb and continental cuisine.

Guadalajara Grill
418 Villita, #1800
San Antonio, TX 78205
The original McAllister House is believed to be built in both caliche and limestone. The land was bought in the mid 1800s. This restaurant has been serving Tex-Mex cuisine at La Villita for more than two decades.

La Villita Cafe:
418 Villita, #900
San Antonio, TX 78205
Although not a historic building, the Bolivar Cafe (better known as La Villita Cafe) was made to mirror the style of vintage military posts. It serves a lot of favorite American staples like sandwiches, ice cream and coffee.

Little Rhein Steak House
418 Villita, #2700
San Antonio, TX 78205
Little Rhein offers patio style dining with a menu filled with seafood, steak, fine wine and more.

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