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San Antonio Homes, Apartments & Real Estate

Your comprehensive guide to the San Antonio housing market. Find out the relevant stats and info you need to buy a house, condo or rent an apartment. Includes information on the complete real estate market as well.

The Best Online Resources for House Hunting in San Antonio
You don't have to drive through neighborhoods looking for "For Sale" signs or deal with a pushy Realtor right away when searching for a house. Instead, use the power of the internet and let your mouse do the walking. Here is an overview of the best websites to use for house hunting in San Antonio.

San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA)
SAHA aims to make safe, affordable housing for all citizens of San Antonio, regardless of class, race or income.

San Antonio Housing Policy Guide
Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and other programs have specific guidelines that can be read about here.

Find an Apartment in San Antonio
The good people at Rent.com allow searches of thousands of properties in and around San Antonio and the Hill Country for free.

San Antonio Housing and Community Development
If you are looking to invest in a home in San Antonio, it may do you good to check out any revitalization or stabilization efforts being taken on by the city here.

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