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Alamo Heights Neighborhood Profile


Alamo Heights Overview:

Considered one of the ritzier places to live in San Antonio, Alamo Heights is an upscale community in Midtown, though some refer to it as the Northeast side. It is a part of the ZIP code 78209, which locals refer to as "09ers."

Number Crunching:

Population: 7,319
Median Age: 40
Median Housing Cost: $318,789
Median Income: $75,236
ZIP Code: 78209
Post Office: 4801 Broadway St
Fire Dept.: 6116 Broadway St
City Public Service (electricity): 7000 San Pedro Ave

Apartments and Real Estate:

The vast majority of residences in Alamo Heights are owned and not rented. This includes several condominiums in addition to traditional detached houses. There are however several of these units for rent in addition to some apartments. The average home value in Alamo Heights is much higher than the norm for San Antonio, a reflection of the higher-than-average income for the area as well. Property values have increased exponentially in the last ten years, even as the population of this incorporated city has barely changed.


Alamo Heights is served by the Alamo Heights Independent School District (AHISD), one of the most prestigious public school districts in the city. Campuses include the aptly named Alamo Heights High and Alamo Heights Junior High. There are also several private schools in Alamo Heights in case you prefer a religious and/or private education for your children.


Alamo Heights began as an idyllic dream that two local entrepreneurs had in the mid-1880s. George Washington Brackenridge and Charles Anderson wanted a place within the newly-growing city that was a natural paradise, and set about building it in 1890s.

At the turn of the century, San Antonio tried to annex Alamo Heights, butt he citizens would have none of it. They organized a petition to a local judge and on June 20, 1922, they became a municipality. Alamo Heights was also the first city in the entire county to have all of their streets paved.

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