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Anaqua Springs Neighborhood Profile



Anaqua Springs is a fairly unique concept to the San Antonio area. It is a four-phase environmentally-preserved master-planned community. Breaking it down, it has four areas (each called a Ranch) that uses building materials that are native to the area such as limestone. It is an exclusive, upscale community located in the Far Northwest area of San Antonio. It's neighbors include Helotes, Fair Oaks Ranch, Grey Forest and Scenic Ranch.

Number Crunching:

Stats for Anaqua Springs are unavailable, so the stats for ZIP Code 78006, which includes Anaqua Springs and Boerne are used here.
Population: 28,096
Median Age: 39.9 years
Median Housing Cost: $270,000
Median Income: $72,768
ZIP Code: 78006

Apartments and Real Estate:

All of the homes available in Anaqua Springs are houses, and large, luxurious ones at that! This is why the median house price is so high. Some homes can cost well over $1 million if they have all the amenities. There are some homes in the community that are available for rent, but the vast majority are mortgaged homes with the mortgage holder and their family being the occupants.


The Northside Independent School District (NISD) serves the Anaqua Springs community. This particular district is struggling to grow with the huge rush of new inhabitants in the Far Northwest area. New schools are always opening so check the link for specific schools for Anaqua Springs. Many residents of Anaqua Springs also send their children to one of the many private schools available nearby.


The first phase of Anaqua Springs is called Anaqua Springs Ranch I and was opened in 2005. The next three phases all opened within five years of the first. They are called Anaqua Springs Ranch II, III, and IV.

What Does a Master-Planned Community Mean?:

A master-planned community means that residents and prospective residents are only allowed to choose certain builders to construct their homes because of strict rules about the size, style and materials that are allowed. In the case of Anaqua Springs, this means trying to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. This means using as many local materials as possible and trying to preserve as much of the natural landscape as possible. Residents buy a plot of land, sign a contract with an approved builder, and are then allowed to move into their new and generally eco-friendly home.

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