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China Grove - San Antonio Suburbs



China Grove is a suburb of San Antonio located in the far Southeastern corner of the city. It is not very big, measuring just 4.1 square miles of total land. Despite the fact that the rest of the San Antonio metropolitan area is booming, China Grove remains a sleepy town with minimal population growth over the last decade, although property values have shot up quite a bit. This makes it well-suited to those who wish to live close to a big city but still enjoy a quieter, less frantic lifestyle.

Number Crunching:

Population: 1,303
Median Age: 39.8 years
Houses: 404
Median Housing Cost: $180,206
Median Income: $78,313
ZIP Code: 78263

Apartments and Real Estate:

China Grove has a nice mix of single-family homes, condos and mobile homes. This means that despite the hefty median price of homes for the suburban city, there really is an affordable home for just about any price range. Mobile homes in the area average just over $35,000 so if you don't need a lot of space and want a quiet life near the city but not actually in the city, China Grove may be the place for you. But beware if you wish to rent -- less than 5% of all residences in China Grove are rentals. If you are not a buyer you may not immediately find a place to rent in China Grove, since so few rentals are available.


The East Central Independent School District (ECISD) is the pubic school responsible for educating students who live in China Grove. Many parents, however, prefer to send their children to private schools in San Antonio.

Claim to Fame:

There is a song called "China Grove" by the Doobie Brothers that may or may not have put the city of China Grove on the map, depending on which of the two stories you believe. One story goes that the band was in San Antonio and hailed a cab. While riding in a cab, they saw the name of the city and it was the inspiration for the song to be written later. The other story goes that the members of the band had no clue there was a China Grove but were told years later by a cab driver when they visited San Antonio. Nobody truly knows which story is true to this day.
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