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Oak Park-North Central San Antonio Neighborhoods



Many people often confuse Oak Park and nearby neighbor neighbor Northwood, which is easy to do since they share a neighborhood association. But they are indeed two different neighborhoods that just happen to border each other.


The Oak Park-Northwood Neighborhood Association boundaries are Loop 410 to the North, Eisenhower Road/Claywell Drive to the South, Harry Wurzbach to the East and Broadway to the West.

Neighborhood Association:

The Northwood/Oak Park neighborhood association is arguably one of the best in all of San Antonio. It boasts a high attendance rate at all of their monthly meetings, and some of the guests have included city council members who are actively involved in their communities. There are no actual fees to be a member, although they do ask for a $15/year donation per household to help out. The money is used to help the neighborhood in all projects that the Association is actively involved in.

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