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Pecan Valley Neighborhood Profile



The area in Southeast San Antonio known as Pecan Valley used to be the hottest area to live in. Unfortunately, as businesses and new home builders moved further and further north, Pecan Valley quickly went into decline. However, there has been a large revitalization movement across the South Side of San Antonio, inclduing Pecan Valley. The boundaries of Pecan Valley are:
  • North: Sinclair@Roland Ave NW to Pecan Valley Dr
  • South: SW Military Drive@Salado Creek E to Spur 117 S to 410
  • West: E. Southcross Blvd to Salado Creek S to SW Military Dr
  • East: 410 N to E. Southcross Blvd W to Roland Ave N to Sinclair Rd

Pecan Valley Numbers Crunching:

Median Age: 34
Median Housing Cost: $91,411
Median Income: $45,709
ZIP Code: 78222
Post Office: 3918 Clark Ave
Fire Dept.: 3347 S WW White Rd
City Public Service (electricity): 145 Navarro S

Pecan Valley Apartments and Real Estate:

In Pecan Valley, the average cost of a home is $91,411 to buy. There is a large number of mortgaged houses that are rental properties here, making up nearly 30% of the available homes. When you add in duplexes and apartment complexes, you will see that the housing situation is very diverse in Pecan Valley. The property values in Pecan Valley have increased significantly in the past several years as revitalization efforts in the Southeast area of town clean up the once crime-ridden area and make it a great place to raise a family.

Pecan Valley Schools:

Pecan Valley is served by the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD). There are several choices in schools besides the public schools in the area, including special, private and charter schools.

Pecan Valley History:

Though the area holds over 200 businesses and thousands of homes, Pecan Valley has very humble beginnings. The area was once farm and ranch land with houses being few and far between. Then a developer named E.J. Burke had a vision of the area as being a residential haven where families could settle in San Antonio cheaply to help grow the city. Hundreds of homes were built, many of which still stand today as a testament to the South Side's formerly exalted status.

Pecan Valley Neighborhood Assocation:

The Pecan Valley Neighborhood Association was established in October of 2007 to aid in the redevelopment of the area, which began to go into decline in the 1970s as families headed north to the suburbs. They meet on the second Thursday of each month at 7 pm in the Pecan Valley Elementary school cafeteria. All residents of Pecan Valley are welcomed to attend, but only one attendee per address can vote on any issues, should they arise.

Pecan Valley Golf Club:

Arguably the most famous landmark in the area, the Pecan Valley Golf Club takes up roughly 25% of the total land area that comprises Pecan Valley. It is located at 4700 Pecan Valley Dr and is the brainchild of J. Press Maxwell, who built it in 1963. In 1998, the course was rehabbed and restored to its previous splendor, making it a gem of South Texas courses and a part of Golf Digests' Top 25 in Texas list.
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