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When you ask a San Antonian what is the firs thing that pops in their mind when they hear the word "Selma" they will likely answer 'speed trap.' And while it's true that Selma is notorious for giving out traffic tickets on the stretch of I-35 that runs through it, there really is a lot more to this city.

Number Crunching:

Population: 5,046
]Median Age: 40.3 years
Median Housing Cost: $222,834
Median Income: $62,078
ZIP Code: 78154

Apartments and Real Estate:

One of the best things about Selma for those rushing to move there is that property taxes run lower than in San Antonio. Because there is no state income tax in Texas, property taxes are generally higher than other states, making a tax break for homeowners very attractive. Most of Selma housing is comprised of subdivisions or master planned communities. Some of these are quite affluent, like Live Oak Hills, Retama Springs, the Trails of Kensington, Chelsea Crossing and more. Most rentals in Selma are houses in these subdivisions. Apartments/duplexes are fairly rare in Selma.


Selma is served by the Judson Independent School District. Elementary schools include Schertz, Green Valley, and Norma J. Paschal Elementary. For Middle School, Selma children can attend Ray D. Corbett Junior High and for High School, students attend Samuel Clemens H.S.


Selma was first settled in 1847, right after Texas became a part of the United States. It was basically used as an outpost for those traveling by stagecoach or herding animals to stop for the night outside of San Antonio, which was already used for this purpose and beginning to get crowded. Expansion from just a stop on the way to paved roads and several businesses soon came. By the 1900s, Selma was already established as an area for people to settle who wanted accessibility to the burgeoning San Antonio without the crowds. In 1964, it became an incorporated city and has it's own mayor, police and fire departments.


Since Selma sits on IH-35, which is a major thoroughfare for travelers, it does have a lot of restaurants. Quite a few of this are big national chains, but there are a few local and hidden gems to be had. Arguably the most popular is Rudy's BBQ and Country store, which has some of the best barbecue around. The Bracken Store is well-known for their "Bracken Burger" and the Hearthstone Bakery and Cafe is part bakery, part restaurant, and part coffee house.

Activities, Attractions and Shopping:

By far, the most noticeable and popular attraction in Selma is Retama Park. It is a Class-A horse racing venue that has great specials all through the week when they are open. From betting specials to drink and food discounts, Retama Park is a fun time even for those who know nothing about horses or don't gamble regularly.

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