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Uptown Broadway-Uptown Central



Uptown Broadway is a part of a larger section of San Antonio known as Uptown Central, which also includes Uptown Loop. It is a very upscale part of San Antonio, and the prices in this neighborhood reflect that. Individual neighborhoods that fall under the Uptown Broadway include Olmos Park, Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills.

Apartments and Real Estate:

There was a time when Uptown Broadway was nothing but houses, but that is chancing. Recently, high-rise condos and smaller condo buildings have been springing up. There is a lot of development in the area, meaning that more condos will likely be built. Some of the older homes in the area are being modernized and flipped, as this part of San Antonio has not seen as drastic a drop in market prices as some other areas have. For investors, Uptown Broadway can be a goldmine if you play your cards right.


The neighborhoods that make up the Uptown Broadway area are some of the oldest and most stories in all of San Antonio. Alamo Heights and Olmos Park were built back when San Antonio was just beginning to establish themselves as something more than just another stop on a long cattle route through the South. Consequently, they have some of the best examples of turn-of-the-century architecture in the city. You can get everything from Spanish colonial to ranch-style houses, and no two homes look alike.


If you want to see all the cool things in Uptown Broadway, it may take you more than a day to do it. If you love shopping and dining, then this is the place for you, whether you be a tourist or a local. Standouts in these areas include the Witte Museum, which houses multiple exhibits for children and adults alike. Brackenridge Park has everything from a mini train to horseback riding to offer. Right near Brackenridge Park is the Japanese Tea Gardens (Sunken Gardens) which is home to flowers, fauna, Koi ponds and a full theater that housts plays and musical acts and festivals year-round.

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