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San Antonio Neighborhoods


There are several specific areas in San Antonio, each with many neighborhoods. Each of these areas and neighborhoods have their own distinct flavor that makes the area unique. Some of these neighborhoods are actually incorporated cities, meaning they are within the boundaries of San Antonio but have their own mayor, fire and police departments. San Antonio continues to grow every year and incorporates more areas on the outskirts of town, creating more neighborhoods and suburbs that are also profiled here.
  1. Uptown Central
  2. Midtown
  3. North Central
  1. Southeast
  2. Far Northwest
  3. Far Northeast

Uptown Central

One of the most popular areas to live in, Uptown Central includes some of the most upscale neighborhoods in San Antonio. It is generally considered to be in the Northside of San Antonio and is also home to some of the best restaurants and shops in town.


Midtown is much like what it sounds - the heart of San Antonio. Centrally located, it includes nine distinct neighborhoods that have some of the oldest houses in the city. The architecture and historical significance of many of Midtown's neighborhoods and buildings is a highlight of this area.

North Central

The North Central area of San Antonio is truly what it sounds like -- a series of neighborhoods on the Northside that are still centrally located, between three of the biggest and busiest highways in the city. Getting to and from this area is easy and it has some of the most sought-after zip codes in San Antonio due to the good schools in the area.


The Southeast area has some of the oldest and most storied neighborhoods in San Antonio including Pecan Valley, which is home to a world-class golf course. The cost of housing in this area is very affordable compared to other areas and it is very family-oriented.

Far Northwest

Some of the most sought-after (and pricey!) San Antonio suburbs are in the Far Northwest section. Many new homes are still being built in and around these neighborhoods as the city continues to grow and move northward.

Far Northeast

The Far Northeast area is not actually neighborhoods so much as they are actual incorporated cities that are considered suburbs of San Antonio.

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