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2009 Dallas Cowboys Training Camp in San Antonio

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 2009 in San Antonio, TX


For 2009, the Dallas Cowboys will return to San Antonio's Alamodome for their training camp. They were previously in Oxnard, California for 2008. The Cowboys are always a big draw here in San Antonio and there is a lot of questions regarding the camp. Here is a good overview. If you have any additional questions you can ask them here or email me at sanantonio@aboutguide.com and I will be happy to help!


Tuesday, July 28: Kickoff Event
Wednesday, July 29: 2:15 PM
Thursday, July 30: 8:50 AM and 3:15 PM
Friday, July 31: 2:15 PM

Saturday, August 1: 8:50 AM and 3:15 PM
Sunday, August 2: 8:50 AM and 3:15 PM
Monday, August 3: 8:50 AM and 3:15 PM
Tuesday, August 4: 2:15 PM
Wednesday, August 5:8:50 AM and 3:15 PM
Thursday, August 6: 2:15 PM
Friday, August 7: 2:15 PM
Saturday, August 8: 8:50 AM and 3:15 PM
Sunday, August 9: 8:50 AM and 3:15 PM
Monday, August 10: 8:50 AM and 3:15 PM
Tuesday, August 11: 2:15 PM
Wednesday, August 12: 10:45 AM
Thursday, August 13: No Practice / Away Game vs. Oakland Raiders
Friday, August 14: No Practice
Saturday, August 15: 8:50 AM and 3:15 PM
Sunday, August 16: 8:50 AM and 3:15 PM
Monday, August 17: 2:15 PM
Tuesday, August 18: 8:50 AM and 3:15 PM
Wednesday, August 19: 10:45 AM

Bolded Times are Walk Thru Sessions

Questions and Answers

Based on questions from the blogs I have posted regarding the Dallas Cowboys practices, here is some info that may be helpful to you: Q:I heard somewhere you had to have tickets to the Dallas Cowboy training camp anyone have any more info?

A: No tickets are needed. If you have a True Blue card (from the Dallas Cowboys fan club) or other VIP pass, you can get into the practices early for best seating and sometimes get free snacks and drinks. But the practices are free and no tickets are needed for non-fan club members.

Q: What is a walkthrough? I saw that listed on some of the practices and wasn’t sure exactly what that meant…

A: A walkthrough is generally the final practice before a game or scrimmage where you make sure that everyone understands the game plan and plays. So instead of an intense practice like you might be used to with lots of action, there may be a lot of downtime as people make sure they are in the right place, understand the plays, signals, etc.

Q: How long is each individual practice?

A: Each practice generally lasts about two hours. Many players will hang out for 5-10 minutes to sign autographs after each practice along the sidelines and end zones. After that, you will be ushered out by Alamodome staff.

Q: Will players sign autographs after practice?

A: Yes, most players will sign for 5-10 minutes after each practice. They will only sign for a few people along the railing on the north side of the Dome. So if you want something signed (and only count on ONE thing getting signed) then you must get to practice early to lineup and get these prime seats.

Q: How much and where is parking?

A: Lots B and C are open two hours before each practice to begin parking. Click on the schedule in the blog post for the full schedule. Once you park in B or C, it will be very easy to follow the crowd to the main entrance to begin lining up for practice. You can possibly find free or discounted parking out on the street around Durango, but it is a longer hike to the Dome and with temperatures regularly reaching the 100s, this may not be a viable option for all. The cost is $10. If you are attending a two-a-day and want to stay for the second practice, you will have to pay twice.

Q: How early do the doors open before practice?

A: For a morning (8:50 a.m.) practice, the doors open at 8:00 a.m. I would be there early simply because you can easily get caught in terrible traffic at that hour in and around the Alamodome, since it is downtown.

For afternoon sessions that start at 3:15 p.m., the doors generally open around 2-2:15 p.m. You may want to be there by 1:00 p.m. or so for good seating.

If seating isn’t a priority for you, then you can show up later but keep in mind the lines may be really long and the heat blazing.

If you need any additional information, the Cowboys have set up a hotline to call for practice info: (972) 556-9900 and ask for camp information.

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