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San Antonio Halloween Information

Ghost Tours, Costume Shops, Haunted Houses and San Antonio Halloween Events


October brings so much to the Alamo City. Oktoberfest, cooler temperatures, and Halloween! With the rich history of San Antonio comes many ghost stories and tales of haunted houses. These plus the best events and costume shops are all covered here.

Costume Shops

A list of the top costume shops in San Antonio, including contact information and addresses. Some of these are open year-round, so you can look at this handy list for school plays, Christmas, Easter and other holidays.

Haunted Ghost Tours

There are a handful of companies in San Antonio that handle ghost tours, and each has something unique to offer. From special thermal equipment to help you 'see' ghosts and private River Walk boat or limo tours, you can get it all.

Halloween Events Calendar

The rundown of all Halloween-themed events in San Antonio. Check back often, as more events are being added all the time!
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