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Getting around San Antonio is not hard, but if you are new all the Loops, highways and bus routes may leave you scratching your head. Read this informative article to find out how to navigate the city from

1. Getting Around by Car

New residents to the State of Texas have 30 days to get to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to get a new license. You should have your current license, Social Security card, proof of vehicle registration and insurance. And make sure you are happy with your hair and makeup for the picture!

2. Getting Around by Bus

If you have no car, getting around a sprawling city like San Antonio can be hard. Luckily, Via Metropolitan Transit operates the bus system (locally known simply as Via) and they do a great job of helping you get around. Their website does a thorough job of helping you get from point A to point B not only online but by telephone as well.

3. Getting Around by Taxi

In certain tourist areas, you may find a cab waiting for a fare very easily. But most of the time, you must call for a cab in advance and wait for it to come to you. They can be expensive, so this is not a very common form of transportation in San Antonio. The two most popular cab services are Yellow Cab and AAA Taxi.

4. Getting Around by Bike

Biking as a means of transportation has a lot of benefits. You save money on car payments, upkeep, and especially gas. You also get lots of fresh air and exercise, saving you a trip to the gym. There are plenty of biking groups and organizations that can help you get started in San Antonio with your biking journey.

5. Getting Around by Foot

As one of the top 10 largest cities in the United States, San Antonio is obviously very large. As the city annexes more property and expands existing boundaries, walking becomes harder to do as a form of transportation. However, if you want to walk for fitness you can join a group through Walk San Antonio.

6. Getting Around in Traffic

No matter what form of transportation you take, there can be major delays if there is a car accident on the path to your destination. Before you leave, take a look at this free TransGuide Current Conditions Map, which is updated every five minutes by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDot).

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