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Local San Antonio Black Friday Deals

Small and Local San Antonio Businesses Black Friday Deals


We can all find the deals for Wal-Mart and Target on Black Friday. The Best Buy ad is usually leaked days or even weeks in advance. But what about local or regional businesses right here in San Antonio? What deals do they have? Stay tuned here to find out, as I will update this list as the ads become available.

1. HEB and HEB Plus

HEB and especially HEB Plus (which is a lot like Wal-Mart, for those who don't have one nearby) always have some kind of Black Friday specials.

2. Half Price Books

Sure, there are plenty of bookstores in San Antonio. Border's and Barnes and Nobles come to mind. But if you want to support a local small business, then Half Price Books and their Black Friday specials are a great place to go.

3. More Coming Soon

More local businesses and their Black Friday deals will be listed here soon. Keep coming back for updates!

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